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The transmission pump function and repair

Our Port St. Lucie shop technicians are experts in transmission pump repair.

The transmission pump is what you could call the heart of your transmission, pumping hydraulic transmission fluid throughout the entire system. Its also referred to as the gear pump which has two gears. One gear is powered by the torque convertor hub which engages the inside gear of the pump. When we repair or install the torque convertor or the pump at Port St. Lucie Transmission Repair Shop we perfectly line up the torque convertor with this inside gear so it is connected properly.

The other gear in the pump is the outside gear which is driven by the gear inside. When these two gears run and rotate together they create suction that keeps the transmission fluid moving. As the pressure increases the hydraulic system functions normally. This produces pressure to push the transmission fluid and set in motion the valves inside the valve body and also the clutch and clutch bands. This also lubricates all of the parts inside and sends the fluids to the transmission cooler.

A transmission pump at our Port St. Lucie shop

When you have a transmission pump failing you will usually hear a whirring noise coming from the transmission. Bring the automobile in for a transmission diagnostics test and we will test the pressure with the vehicle running to see if there is a problem with the pump.