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Maintaining your transmission

Your transmission should have a long life of over 100,000 miles if you adhere to the manufacturers maintenance schedule in your owner's manual. Always keep too the the schedule in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary wear and tear from debris, low transmission fluid or dirty fluid not properly lubricating your transmission’s gears. This causes it to prematurely age your transmission’s gears and components.

A strict transmission maintenance schedule will give your transmission a longer life that would otherwise not occur and cause the need for repairing the transmission before it’s time.

When you have the fluids changed at A One Transmissions in Port St. Lucie, we will always replace your filter and pan gasket. We always use the highest quality products as specified by your manufacturer to assure your vehicle performs the way it was meant to.

Monitor your transmission fluid levels when the car is older and you are taking long trips. The gears are prone to high heat, so check during and after your trip. Your car's parts are all work together, so if one system fails it can affect other things like a chain reaction the longer it goes unrepaired. So make sure your engine is properly tuned to help your transmission function the way it should.