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Testimonials from our customers

Our loyal customers throughout Southern Florida have been coming to us in Port St. Lucie for decades because we are reliable and have fair prices. Honesty and integrity are key to having a loyal base of customers and referrals and it helps that we have the best transmission technicians and mechanics.

Here are some of our favorite testimonials that our customers have had to say about us over the years.
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transmission repair office in Port St. Lucie
The crew over there are really professional and helpful explaining what is wrong and showing you the defective parts. They really try to help you save money too. They gave me a great deal compared to the other shops I got quotes from. Thank you!
Gary Schnider - Port St. Lucie, Florida
Hector and Eddie really saved me. I got a second op[inion form their shop and it was $3,900 less! Turns out it was just a sensor problem and it only cost me less than $240! Thank you guys. You are my Go To now.
Herb Salwati - Port St. Lucie, Florida
They repaired my truck in less than two days. I needed a rebuilt transmission and they upgraded the parts. Their price was less than the other three shops I contacted. Thank you!
Donald Pierce - Fort Pierce, Florida
I have too say I was pleasantly surprised at the low cost. The car is working perfectly now. They got me in and out the next day. They said I should be good for another 100,000 miles! Thank you Hector.
Manny Hernandez - Buffalo, New York
Our family was on vacation in South Florida when our van broke down. We were advised to call Hector at his shop. He helped us rent a car so we could go to our hotel. In two days it was repaired and not as bad as we thought. He gave us a ride back to the shop and a rebate too! I wanted to say thank you!
Juan Dominguez - Port St. Lucie, Florida
The staff was great with my son Devin and his car. He took it to the shop and they were able to diagnose the problem right there while he waited. They ordered the part and the next morning he had his car back. Thank You!
Kevin Singletary - Port St. Lucie, Florida
We had our car towed from another shop who had it for a week to Hector’s shop and we got it back the next day. Unreal. Thank You!
Douglas Anderson - Port St. Lucie, Florida