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The power train control module:
diagnosing transmission errors

The power train control module, also called the PCM, is the system inside your car that detects and diagnoses errors in the engine control system that cause power train or transmission failures. The PCM houses the TCU (Transmission Control Unit) and the ECU (Engine Control Unit).

The Transmission Control Unit or TCU sends codes that diagnose problems within the car or truck’s transmission as it works with the Power control module to detect any issues that arise. The Transmission Control Unit uses sensors throughout the vehicle and transmission in conjunction with the Engine Control Unit or ECU which calculates the functions of all of the gears in the transmission and can diagnose what is failing inside.

Power control module diagnosis at Port St. Lucie transmission shop

When we diagnose your car or truck at our Port St. Lucie Transmission Repair Shop in St. Lucie County, we check the TCU for any codes that may have been stored in its system to help in the diagnostics procedure. This is an invaluable tool for our technicians to find the exact problems that are causing your transmission to malfunction. This is a great advancement vs. the past when old cars used hydromechanical controls instead of electronic transmission controls utilizing solenoids.