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How to know if your transmission is bad

There are obvious indications that your transmission will need repairs. If your car or truck is not running properly and you find any of these issues then call the Port St. Lucie Transmission Repair Shop so we can diagnose the problem. We will run a system diagnostics check and provide you with a comprehensive report based on our diagnosis. We’l give you the most cost effective repair plan and assure that you won’t have to worry about further repairs. Its best to catch the problem as early as you can to prevent further damage that could produce more costly transmission repairs.

Here are some common issues relating to a failing transmission.

Shifting is difficult or doesn't respond: If you try shifting your vehicle back and forth and you have a delay in the engagement of the gears then there’s a problem with the transmission that should be addressed before it gets worse.

Strange new noises: If you hear a high pitched whining sound or a loud clunk when the gears are shifting that’s a sign that your transmission needs preemptive repair to avoid more serious problems. The sounds may be different depending on the make of your vehicle.

Leaking Fluid or constant need to add fluid: Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is essential keep your automobile’s transmission and seals lubricated and conditioned and acts as a hydraulic fluid. If fluids get too low the engine can seize up in which and then you will need to repair the engine as well as the transmission. It is wise to have a transmission flush according to the manufacturers schedule of maintenance.

Burnt smell coming from the transmission: When the transmission fluid gets too hot it indicates there is a critical issue inside the casing that needs immediate attention.

Check Engine Light: This is the easiest way to realize there is a problem and gives you advanced notice to help you avoid costly repairs. Transmissions have sensors that are very sensitive to abnormal vibrations or gears that are not functioning correctly even when the transmission seems okay. This will let you know there is a problem that needs to be taken care of soon.