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What does transmission fluid do and what is the best kind?

Your ATF or Automatic Transmission fluid is the most critical part of maintaining your transmission and giving it the longest life. It keeps the correct pressure within the transmission system and is also a cooling device to keep the gears from overheating. This important lubricating agent also prevents wear from the gears.

Transmission fluid is a special formula of synthetic liquids and oils with advanced chemical properties such as detergents, anti-rust and corrosion inhibitors, dispersants and surfactants, seal swell agents, kinematic viscosity index improvers and modifiers. New transmission fluid is a pinkish but gets dark over time as it breaks down and becomes less effective. As this happens, it gathers contaminants and metal shavings. After this occurs your transmission fluid fails to do its job and the entire system begins a breakdown that leads to part failures.

The Best Transmission fluid at Port St. Lucie Repair shop

Water may creep into the fluid from the radiator which ruins the fluid. It is important to have your transmission flushed periodically and new transmission fluid added with new filters. This is an important part of your transmission maintenance schedule and can save you money in the long run. Your vehicle’s manufacturer's ATF specifications, usually found in your owner's manual will be followed by Transmission Repair Shop so you get the transmission fluid your car needs.